Performance paper… the Olympic one

Hi… I work for Xerox but no; contrary to popular disbelief, I don’t sell photocopiers (although colleagues of mine do sell multi-functional devices which copy, fax, scan, email and various other clever stuff).

During the London 2012 Olympics, I’ll be working as part of the Technology team, to make sure that all the devices Xerox has supplied to support the games, are working as they should. This means clearing paper jams, changing toner, keeping the glass clean (so you don’t get those annoying black specks on your copies) and restocking the paper trays.

There is much more to it in reality – networking devices, remote monitoring, predicting consumables’ usage, reporting and managing the fleet of devices. But in simple terms, I’ll be the one refilling the paper tray.

Xerox device

Whilst this may all seem quite mundane, I don’t think it is. When you put into context what I’m doing, it’s actually a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity…

As a host nation, the build-up to London 2012 has be a long time in the planning and, as a result, I think we’ve perhaps become a little complacent about it? Also, because the focus has been so strongly on London, some of the UK population has mentally rejected the games, as they feel excluded (I’ve seen this first hand in the North). But it’s to be expected – we didn’t watch the Australia Olympics, was saw Sydney 2000. There was no Chinese games, it was all about Beijing. Seoul… Athens… a country can’t invest enough in multiple venues, it has to be centralised. So I’m loving London 2012. It’s the flipping Olympics!! And it’s on our shores!! So forgive me but I AM EXCITED!!

I’ve had full security clearance so I can access the Olympic Park. I will be on site every day of the games. I’ll get to see some of the greatest athletes of our time. I’ll be working at the hockey arena – known as the ‘smurf turf’ (due to its blue & pink complexion) so will be close to the action as Team GB go for Gold! (As a hockey player and follower of Team GB, this is especially exciting to me).

On a more personal level, my Uncle George is a double Olympian. As well as competing in the Commonwealth games, he represented Great Britain in the Pentathlon at both the Helsinki (1952) and Melbourne (1956) Olympics. He’s now in his 80s but still loves his sport!

So this is me, this is my paper tray, it’s what I’m doing to be involved in the games, and this is why I can’t wait!

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